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Giant Plumbing, Inc 

Established 1992  

 The leader in Copper Repiping. Rusty water? Leaky pipes? Low water pressure? Contact us now to get your Free Estimate! 

Proud Members Of The Better Business Bureau

Giant Plumbing, Inc. has been in the repiping business for nearly 20 years. Don Gregg, President and founder of Giant Plumbing,Inc. has been repiping for two decades. We give our clients the highest quality and expertise, making us the premier repiping company in Santa Clara County!  Using only the highest quality materials makes for a plumbing system built to last!

Why hire Giant Plumbing, Inc.? We have repiped over one thousand homes, apartments, condos, Mobile homes and commercial buildings. We offer the longest warranties available. Life time,  for as long as you own your home! We use only the highest quality materials!  This allows us to offer a life time warranty on every repipe. Also, we accept no payments until we complete the work in full with easy payment options.

Most common questions

How long will I be without water?   Answer: We shut off your water during working hours only. Your repipe will be completed in most cases, 1 day.  All water is restored when we leave by end of day.

How long does it take to repipe?   Answer:  For a 2 bath home in most cases we will complete the repipe replacement in 1 day. For larger homes  it can take up to 2 or 3 days. Expect and additional 2 days for city inspections and sheet rock repairs.

How do I prepare my home for a repipe?  Answer:  The only preparation you will need to do is clean out the cabinets space under your sinks, clear some space around your hot water heater, clearing access space to the crawl space or attic and prepare for the water to be shut off during the day such as showering before 9:00 AM. Before we start the work we will perform a walk through  to help with the preparation.

Are permits required?  Answer:  Yes a permit is required to repipe your home.( we will pull the permits )

Should I replace my hot water heater during the repipe?  Answer:  If your hot water heater is 10 years or older, we do recommend replacing it.

Is lead used to solder pipes?  Answer:  No lead is used while soldering pipes ever.

Do we sub out any of our work?  Answer: No all our plumbers are full time employees of Giant Plumbing, Inc. 

Do we have a written guarantee to complete the work per the schedule agreed upon?  Yes we are so confident to complete our work within a scheduled agreed upon in our estimate we add a penalty clause to our contract if we do not complete within the date specified we will pay you money "no ex cusses" this is in our contract. ( most companies make  promises that they cannot not deliver followed by excuses. The penalty clauses are  used on commercial projects where time is money well we believe your time is worth money )

  Copper repipes

  • Type "L" copper piping -We use a commercial grade pipe. Giving you more durability and strength.  Most companies use type M piping which has a much thinner wall.
  • Pipe reaming - After cutting a pipe a burr is left inside of the pipe that will impede the circulation of water flowing through the pipe. We use a tool after cutting the pipe to remove the burr.
  • Connecting pipes together -  Pipes are soldered together using lead free solder. If we connect copper to galvanized we will use the proper fittings such as dialectic union or 6" of brass.
  • Replacement of water service- from meter at street to house trench less. Eliminates excavation of landscape and concrete.
  • We use only ball valves for shut offs-Much higher quality than the standard gate valve. Ball valves only requires a quarter turn, making it easier to turn off.
  • Stainless steel supply lines to fixtures-This supply line is of the highest quality and durability.
  • Pressure balance, Anti scald tub/shower valves-Prevents surges in the hot and cold water while using the shower.
  • Hot water recirculation system-Installing a hot water recirc system will give you hot water at any plumbing fixture throughout your house within 3 to 7 seconds- even if your water heater is clear across your house.
  • On time always!  It is a guarantee in writing that we will complete the job without an excuse, per our schedule or we will pay a late fee to you. ( We recognize your time is money.)
  • Hammer Arrestors are installed on every repipe to make for a quiet plumbing system acting like a shock absorber during pressure changes.
  • 1-Day repipes In most cases for single family homes completely repiped in 1-day.
  • Easy payment options We accept all major credit cards. No payments due until we complete our scope of work in full per contract agreements.
  • Turn key We pull all permits, repair Sheetrock, tile, stucco, painting and concrete. Homeowners will never need to call another contractor out on any of our repipes!

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